La simulazione della formatura delle anime contribuisce all'ottimizzazione ed efficienza del processo produttivo per componenti aeronautici

Bruno Timpano

Structural Sand Castings for Aerospace applications are essentially characterized by the circuit of the lubrification ducts fully integrated in the casting.

Below is showed a methodology for the automatic production of sand core that represents the inner cavity of the oil duct. The goal we want to achieve is the reduction of defects on the castings generated by an inadequate sand core molding process.

Regardless of the type of Core Making Machines, the molding process use the standard Cold Box technology that is essentially based on chemical reaction between the various components of resin mixed with sand. In this context, as a part of Tooling Design and Process Development, the definition of specific characteristics for the blow head of the core making machines is the special solution for high complex geometries. The entire cycle of sand core molding has been simulated by the use of MAGMA C+M software with results on the performance of the blow head, shoot bushes, core box vent and core box filling.

Has been demonstrated a full correspondence between simulated defects and those found on the production carried out.

The analysis of the potential problems, through simulation, is a valuable guide to review the project data with specific corrective actions. The above methodology, validated by CFD calculation, shows interesting solutions that can be applied to all the complex sand cores for oil pipes.