EnginSoft (L. Bucchieri)

Introduzione alle tecnolgie CFD di EnginSoft

EnginSoft (L. Brugali, S. Colleoni)

Ansys WB Meshing - Uno strumento parametrico

EnginSoft (L. Brugali, E. Mazzoleni)

Ansys ICEM - Strumenti per meshatura avanzata

EnginSoft (A. Marini)

Ansys CFX - Novità del solutore: turbosystem, transient blade row

EnginSoft (M. Andreoli)

Ansys Fluent - Novità del solutore: aeroacustica, adjoint solver, film modeling

ANSYS (W. Slagter)

Enterprise High-Performance and Cloud Computing

Nvidia (Timothy Lanfear)

GPU-Accelerated ANSYS Fluent for Applied CFD

EnginSoft (M. Galbiati)

Innovazioni e nuove tecnologie nella suite CFD

Pierburg Pump Technology Italy (M. Gasperini)

Numerical and Experimental Evaluations on the behaviour of Variable Displacement oil pump journal bearings

Consorzio CETMA (Antonio Gerardi)

Computational fluid-dynamic analysis to support the development of innovative architectures for the heat recovery in the field of the glass industry