Lead product manager at ANSYS, Inc. Wim has 19 years of experience in the business of engineering simulation software with management positions in software development, consulting, sales, and product management. Wim holds a PhD degree in Aerospace Engineering from the Technical University of Delft in the Netherlands. designed dampers will be early tested with a compatible wind spectra time-displacement history, and then will be mounted on the building.

Enterprise High-Performance and Cloud Computing

Cloud is really an evolution of the HPC space that ANSYS has been involved in long term, and our cloud strategy is fundamentally synonymous with our HPC strategy. ANSYS has been focused on a constantly changing HPC landscape for years – in our fundamental software architecture, in our solver scaling, in our user environment, and in our business, with support for remote or local hardware. This presentation summarizes our strategy across two dimensions – the practice requirements and the spectrum of HPC infrastructure.