An integrated suite for the detailed assessment of full vehicle NVH behavior

Anastasios Sarridis, Georgios Vlachos, Dimitrios Siskos
BETA CAE Systems

This work presents a methodology for the pre and post-processing of NVH analysis of large, intricate models, using a unified console. Through the features integrated into ANSA, all components and their 3D connectors are depicted within a simplified 2D diagram view for direct assessment. Analysis actions are driven from within this environment. Each of the individual components can acquire a reduced representation. Their creation is handled by the tool that manages all the necessary data conversions. Other types of components such as simplified rigid bodies and beam stiffeners may also be included. In the next step, various loadcases are easily defined. Finally, all information is passed to μETA in order to conduct an FRF based analysis for the calculation of the dynamic responses. “What-if” studies are being conducted in an efficient manner. Other calculations such as TPA, connectors sensitivity and connectors forces are also performed. Taking advantage of the flexible and easy management of data and components within this environment, considerable time reduction is achieved for a full vehicle NVH analysis.