Strength and durability analysis through automated reports in Honda using Ansa & Meta

Antonios Perifanis, Ryota Nishioka
BETA CAE Systems

In order to meet the requirements of No-Protype car design, an automated process was built-up for HONDA, using ANSA / ╬╝ETA pre- & post-processing package. The process is designed to perform a number of model checks and results queries in strength and durability analysis for target components subframe, BiW and tailgate and present the output in PowerPoint reports. The procedure is executed in batch mode allowing the use of grid computing for the efficient utilization of resources. A series of actions take place to extract modelling information, load and combine results to evaluate connections and regions of the model and display the above in report slides through images, tables and graphs. The new approach resulted to a remarkable reduction of time, an augmentation in modelling quality, a more supervisory presentation of the results and a process less prone to human errors.