Computationally efficient analysis of fuels, combustion and emissions in IC engine applications using the SRM Engine Suite

Andrew Smallbone, Amit Bhave, Peter Man
CMCL Innovations

Emission regulations from diesel and gasoline fuelled engines are becoming more stringent in all parts of the world. Historically these targets have been achieved through continual development using an iterative process of computational modelling, design, build and test. One such model is the srm engine suite which has proven effective in simulating in-cylinder combustion processes enabling engineers to identify optimal engine design and operation and to reduce target emissions at the desktop. The model accounts for the impact of fuel injection strategies, detailed chemical kinetics, turbulent mixing, and heat losses on the inhomogeneities associated with the in-cylinder composition and temperature - all within practical computing timescales.

This paper demonstrates the application of the model to three case studies, 1) investigation of emission sources in diesel applications, 2) combustion and heat release analysis in dual fuel (natural gas and diesel) applications and 3) to identifying knock in spark ignition IC engines.