Pedestrian dynamics

Sara Manzoni, Mizar Luca Federici, Stefania Bandini
CROWDYXITY SRL and Università Milano-Bicocca

Pedestrian dynamics simulation provides services to support decision makers and operators in the design, planning and management of comfortable, safe and optimized public and private spaces.
Appropriate assessment methodologies and what-if computer-based microsimulation techniques derived from Complex Dynamical Systems Science and Artificial Intelligence takes into account crowd and event profiling information in order to effectively model and simulate crowd dynamics in structured spaces. In order to fit at best the multifaceted problems of crowd management, collective spaces design and pedestrian-focused urban planning, original methodological and computational solutions based on results of research and prototypical applications are nowadays available.
Our contribution to CAE conference is towards the presentation of case studies and the reporting on recent developments and upcoming (modelling and business) opportunities coming from pedestrian dynamics research results.