PlanetsX – Injection Molding CAE tool on ANSYS Workbench

Yohei Furuta

PlanetsX is an injection molding CAE tool which operates as an add-on module of ANSYS Workbench. It can simulate not only basic fluid behavior but also various complex phenomena during injection molding. Furthermore, a big feature of PlanetsX is that it can consider more actual phenomena by connecting with ANSYS multi-physics capability.
Especially, coupling to structural analysis is informative and important. Material characteristics are often thought to be uniform in the structural analysis of plastic products. But the reality is that material characteristics have non-uniformity caused by flow history of the molding process. These subtle variances potentially impact the strength of the final molded product. To seek them, structural analysis including injection molding simulation is necessary.
PlanetsX can easily conduct advanced coupled analysis such as “Stress Relaxation Analysis considering Viscoelasticity”, “Calculation of Wire Sweep during Plastic Encapsulation”, “Dynamic Characteristics of Resinous Rotating Equipment” and so on.