A modeFRONTIER case study about the optimization of the windshield structure

Danilo Malacaria, Francesco D’Esposito

The present work deals with the activities that DEMA SpA is doing for the new Canadian business jet manufactured by Bombardier Aerospace.
The company, based in Naples, is responsible for the design and manufacturing of the canopy, windshield and nose landing gear box structure as well as the pilot and transition floors.
The goal was to define a methodology for the analysis by FEM estimating of static tension coming from a configuration with a minimum mass target, based on the environment of design and multi-objective optimization modeFRONTIER. Essential requirement is that this methodology will integrate efficiently into the flow of company’s processes.
The results were evaluated in terms both of technical performances improvement (weight minimization in compliance with a stress maximum value) as well as cost savings due to man hours and according to the maximization of resources compared to the HW / SW company’s capability.
The whole activity has taken advantage of the support and advice of the technical staff of the EnginSoft SpA.