Streamlined Composite Modelling Workflows with Multi-Objective Optimisation

Gerhard Goldbeck - Goldbeck Consulting Ltd
Danilo Di Stefano - ESTECO
J. Seyfarth, B. Bidaine - e-Xstream Engineering

The current paper demonstrates how an integration of micromechanical composite modeling with multi-disciplinary and multi-objective optimization (MDO) software supports a streamlined workflow and enables more efficient design decisions. We report on the integration of modeFrontier with the multiscale materials modeling code Digimat. As an example we present the case of a polymer composite with glass fiber and glass bead fillers. The integration supports key steps in the workflow of composite materials design including the fitting of the material model to experimental test data and the optimisation of the material composition to satisfy often conflicting property criteria. The integration of DIGIMAT with modeFrontier enables the user to determine a set of solutions that provide a trade-off optimisation choice between the different target properties.
In conclusion, the combination of Digimat with modeFrontier enables the user to optimise composite materials design throughout the workflow.