Ensuring CAE builds on enterprise materials knowledge

Arthur Fairfull
Granta Design

High quality, representative finite element simulations need high quality, representative materials information. Obtaining this information is a challenge, especially for complex non-linear or high strain-rate analyses. CAE and materials testing are often poorly-integrated with each other and with wider PLM infrastructure. A collaboration of leading engineering enterprises (www.mdmc.net) addresses such challenges. It has guided Cambridge University spin-off Granta Design in developing software that enables companies to create a managed database of validated, approved materials data, with access for end-users in Design and CAE in the formats they need. This presentation introduces the “Materials Gateway” integration technology, which provides the access point for CAE engineers to their company’s “gold source” materials data alongside comprehensive materials reference data. CAE analysts can apply validated materials models, with full traceability, within their preferred CAE environment.