User Logic, make the difference with “bio software” approach

Roberto Grandicelli
IIS Service

Usually software designers shall be deemed fulfilled their targets when the product returns informations and expected data. Actually, the user sees this as the lower limit below which the entry requirements of the design are disregarded. The discriminating factor which makes a higher quality product therefore does not reside in the business logic, but in the user logic. User interface, combined with usability, must surprise to stimulate, innovate without confusing. In this paper we illustrate the development of applications using the “bio software” approach. We will show you some applications developed, placing side by side to the usual criteria for architectural design, the “bio” approach which provides and support graphic projects of new generation. A GUI that transposes the technique of mind maps to exploit the full potential of the right hemisphere of the brain. The evocative and emotional feel will change software engineering of third millennium.