Numerical modelling of the hydrodynamic ram phenomenon on composite tanks

Jean-Luc Lacome, Jérôme Limido, Lars Olovson, Arve Grønsund Hanssen

IMPETUS Afea makes significant R & D in fast dynamic fluid-structure interactions modeling. This presentation is focused on hydrodynamic ram phenomena on composite tank. Modeling interactions between strong shocks in fluids and perforated/cracked composite structure often involves the use of
complex numerical approaches limited by weak energy conservation or bad interfaces tracking and contact leakage. We propose a robust monolithic approach based on the coupling of mesh-free methods (corpuscular, ISPH and DEM) and a high order iso-geometric finite element approach. First, we make a critical analysis of the proposed approach and its constitutive tools: iso-geometric for very large deformation/perforation phenomena and ISPH for complex free-surface and fluid shock. Then, we will discuss industrial applications within IMPETUS Afea | Solver ®. These studies demonstrate the
robustness of the proposed approach and its effectiveness in terms of computation time with an implementation on GPU workstations.