A Study of the Parameters' Influence on Dies Resistance in Hot Forging trough Numeric Simulation

G.Canesi, M.Di Modica
Fonderia Maspero

The resistance and durability of dies constitutes a critical aspect in hot metal forging processes in terms of costs increase and productivity loss. These processes include a number of parameters whose control is often entrusted to the experience of the operators. The aim of the study, conduced by means of FEM simulation, is therefore to examine the problematic of dies rupture, identifying the causal factors and quantifying their influence over the die's stress and strain. In a first stage, a retrospective analysis was conduced on a die group, used for the production of a large structural element in aluminum (EN-AW 6082), chosen because it showed ductile rupture after a few strokes. It was possible to identify geometric and process variables impacting the die's stress state.
These parameters were then further investigated, in order to obtain a generalization of their effect over different families of dies. The results were then implemented over the original die group, in order to obtain the maximum possible stress reduction and resistance improvement, and they currently constitutes a foundation for the development of a proper policy for the design and management of dies.