How the CAE helps the defence system to predic the damage on incoming menace

Simone Gubbioni

How happen in every engineering field, the CAE helps the expert during all the design phase. In the lethality assessment, it is an helpful tool to optimize the performance of warhead, according to the vulnerability of targets and kinematic conditions at the intercept. Moreover, in a system defence, the CAE has also a fundamental role during operation phase. During the engagment chain, recognized the incoming menace, the command and control (C2) evaluates the trajectories of intercept. Inside the cost index that allows to choice the best trajectories to engagment, a parameter called PK (probability of kill - damage that will be done by each trajectory on the target) has the biggest weigth. The PKs linked to different intercept conditions, are estimated off line (obviously due to its high computational load) and stored in the C2 through multi input tables.