Dynamic Analysis of a Reed Valve Mounted on a Vacuum Pump for Automotive Applications

Alessandro Franceschini, Stefan Sommer, Raffaele Squarcini
Pierburg Pump Technology Italy

During the concept design phase of product development simplified CAD and CAE models are used to retain model versatility and minimize the set up time and analysis complexity. However this process often leads to simplified calculations with inaccurate results diverting from a realistic solution. Additionally considerable time is spent to convert the simplified CAE models to fully detailed ones at a later stage. This paper describes a recommended process for the usage of detailed CAE models during the concept design phase. The engineer can modify the fully detailed ready to run model by using a new styling target surface. Cross sections of the main members of the model are being kept intact and special treatment is applied to the joints. Moreover direct morphing techniques can be used to parametrically modify the position and the dimensions of model members while any geometrical feature can slide upon its underlying surface. Former versions of full detailed CAE models or even CAE models of similar product versions can be transformed according to the new layout within a few work days.