• Have developed several Computational Fluid Dynamics codes (Finite Difference, Finite Volume, Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics and Lattice-Boltzmann approaches). The codes were used for the solution of numerous engineering problems, including slurry pump simulations, grinding mill backend flow simulations, vertical mill simulations. Have extensive experience in using Fluent commercial CFD package.
  • Have developed several non-breakable Discrete Element Method codes that were widely used by Conveyor Dynamics and Metso Minerals for the solution of many engineering problems including transfer chutes and grinding mills simulations.
  • Have developed several unique programs to simulate physical size reduction of particles, including Discrete Grain Breakage and Fast Breakage approaches. The programs are used to simulate the behavior of breakable particles in crushers and grinning mills.
  • Have developed GDI's Rocky DEM code which includes pre processing, simulation and post processing of flow or arbitrary-shaped non-round DEM particles with any geometrical boundaries and gas flow around particle stream. The code can simulate up to several millions particles in parallel computer environment with almost linear scaling with number of processors.
  • Software development in: C, C++, Fortran, Visual Basic.