Augmented Reality CAE datas visualization

Mattia Santachiara
Santa’S Co.

In the last years CAE has made giant steps in the PRODUCING/OBTAINING highly detailed elaboration results. Santa’S Co. aim to offer a new way to visualize and explore that data using augmented reality technology (AR),a technology that recognizes an object, defined as marker, and able to overlay it with information such as text,3d renderings,pictures,etc.
For example, in this way it is possible to visualize areas with different stress colors no longer on a 3d model but right on the physical object of the elaboration.
Another application might be visualize temperature elaboration of a specific envinroment (such as server room) by navigating inside the room and see on your tablet screen the different temperatures of the areas rendered straight on the floor,wall or body object.
Finally we propose a concept of low cost 3d immersive cave where you can navigate your data by moving the tablet without using any virtual reality mask or glove