A Working Model for Virtual Product Development

Erik Lönroth

ScaniaIT has since 2004 used HPC/CAE in the general work flow of product development. The investments has grown almost exponentially, driving both maintenance and IT-complexity. Not to mention the growing importance of simulation results and precision within projects at Scania.

Today, CAE has become one of the largest IT-investment portfolios of Scania and the importance of the field is uncontraticted. It is a consensus that investments, almost regardless of weight, are profitable.

The projection of this development is however unsatisfactory, since there exists no model today that accurately measure and/or can predict where, how much or when investments should be done within the simulation as a whole. The common opinion is that it is almost always good to invest in HPC/CAE, but on a straight question to quantify it, most people have to back down. The task of following up is even more daunting.

In this talk, I will lay out some of the reasons for these problems and how we hope to address them at ScaniaIT and also present the current state of a working model for Virtual Product Development that ScaniaIT we are trying to develop.