"Concurrent engineering - interactive procedure for design and optimization of composite structures"

Francesco Pacini

Marco Perillo, Fabio Rossetti

Andrea Di Fazio

"The design of fiber composite structures for high performance vehicles involve both multiple expertise and different technologies than innovative methodologies to control uncertainty effects on final solutions. The level of complexity increases as function of the flexibility of the vehicle: the possibility to satisfy different type of missions, without modifying the external configuration impose a lot of constraints that affect the aero/hydro dynamic and the mechanic design.
Efficient CAE tools and numerous concept solutions exploitation with highly iterative approach are placed into a multi-disciplinary and multi objective optimization process driven by probabilistic algorithms to determine evolution of uncertainty in the design of specific components.
The employment of this particular methodology, into the R&D project V-FIDES relevant to an innovative Underwater Autonomous Vehicle, has allowed to face an highly complex and complicated in nature mission achieving carefully balanced design solutions respect to numerous traditional engineering disciplines such as fluidynamics and mechanics."